The Pinay Power in Pia Wurtzbach

A proudly and resilient Filipina,  Pia Wurtzbach has a truly inspirational story every woman can learn from. Pia was born in Germany to a German father and a Filipina mom. Unfortunately, she had her first taste of major life experience when her parents separated when she was 11. Eventually, she became the bread-winner of the family through her modelling and acting career. As a fan of achievers, I analyse some of  the lessons everyone of us could learn from her.

She dreams like a child:

When she was young and always saw her Mom watching beauty pageant, it was then that she started to dream of becoming a beauty queen one day. She would try on her mom’s heels and walk  around their living room. And even as a  grown up, she  kept that dream in her heart.

Yes, it was a childhood dream for her. And us, when we were a child, we dreamt like nothing is impossible. But as we grow older, we face much peer pressure and stress from work and society which dictate us that we should be like this and that, we tend to lose track and forget our inner calling and that childhood dream inside of us. Sit silently. Ask your heart what it is that you’ve been longing to achieve in life that you tend to disregard due to hindrances that came your way. Listen to it and start from there.

She is adaptable to the situation:

Pia is a product of a broken family. She could have been on drugs and bad company because of that but she chose not. She adapted herself to the situation she was into and just gracefully moved on in life. Her childhood dream of becoming a beauty queen was temporarily set aside because of her role as the bread-winner of her family. She pursued what God has laid out on her table to fulfill but never lost hope that one day, things will fall in its proper places.

Sometimes, things happen in our lives not the way we planned it. And we would feel helpless and would feel succumbed to a hopeless situation and become desperate. Just don’t. Pray hard and do what is best in your given situation like Pia did. And see later on how more beautiful and better a person you have become from overcoming that hardship in your life.

She is gritty

Pia embodies a strong grit. And that made her achieve the crown. She first joined Binibining  Pilipinas 2013 and won as 1st Runner Up. She didn’t give up and joined again the following year, hoping that she would get the crown but only placed in the Top 15 of Binibining Pilipinas 2014. This seemed disheartening for her. But her grit fuelled her. And she finally won the crown last December 20, 2015! Pia Wurtzbach is the third Ms. Universe the Philippines has after Gloria Romero (Ms. Universe 1969) and Margie Moran (Ms. Universe 1973). It has been controversial because of Steve Harvey’s announcing Ms. Columbia as the wrong winner for Ms. Universe. And the rest is history.

She now has the crown, her childhood dream, and for sure, still fulfilling other dreams that she has. She emanates the true pinay power– a dreamer, resilient and gritty! Let you be next!

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