Ideal Master Bedroom Designs for Condos

Master bedroom is a very important part of your home. Well-thought design for your master bedroom depending on its size is crucial in making your sacred place to relax truly a haven!  Condominium – living is now the trend in major central business districts. To help you come up with the design for your own, we have listed below some of the great ideas on how to design your master bedroom depending on the size of your room.

  1. This master bedroom is cozy and elegant with its earth tone colors. The well-positioned lightings added life to the room.
    master bedroom design

    Source: ReztNRelax


  2. For a not-so-big bedroom, this trendy master bedroom is perfect with its beige walls and marble finished floors.

    Contemporary Bedroom

    Source: Houzz

  3. This master bedroom design is good for studio-type condos to maximize your space.

    Small Space Condo Unit design

    Source: Writeteens

  4.  For a zen-feel, this green and orange bedroom is a good design to consider.
    Zen feel bedroom design

    Source: Ballonrose

    5. If your condo is a corner unit, this design is perfect to give you a panoramic view in your bedroom.

    corner unit condo master bedroom design

    Source: WSJ

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