Kill Loneliness in 7 Practical Ways

Loneliness is an ugly feeling that we often experience because of socially isolating ourselves or the absence of communication with other people. At some point in our lives, almost everyone feels emptiness or loneliness. But the drawn out or strong feelings of loneliness can result to a harmful impact on either our physical and mental well-being.

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Sadly, pulling yourself out of loneliness can be so hard without having some type of support. Support can be solicited from almost anyone, whether it is your friend, your family or someone professional in the field. Whatever you do, try your best to stay calm so things may get better.

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If you’re finding your way out, these practical steps can definitely help you to end your loneliness and begin to feel better right away. You may find these steps not as hard to do as you think.


1. Get a Hobby


Doing nothing or not being physically busy will make your mind wander and the more that you invite negative thinking and feeling of loneliness. To avoid this situation, you may want to consider finding a hobby? You will be surprised that there are many exciting hobbies to choose from. And it will surely be easy for you to find something that matches your interest – something that you will be excited to do whenever you are free or start feeling lonely.


Running or walking is a hobby you may consider to kill that lonely feeling. They are a good workout and help you travel around your community while fighting loneliness and it’s free. Saying hello to strangers that you meet won’t hurt you, right? It will actually make you feel better and you’ll never know where that “hello” will lead you. Oh, don’t think of it romantically (just yet)! J


2. Find new friends (but keep the old ones!)


If you are a shy type or more of an introvert, you may find it hard to get along with strangers and meet new friends. But commit to meeting new people as often as possible. Start a conversation or a small talk with people around you, whether you are at a gym or on the street. You can never have too many friends in this world!


3. Meet up with Old Friends


Reuniting with old friends will do wonders to fight loneliness.  Chat with them once more. Lightly fill them in of how you are doing and the things that keeps you busy. It may be a bit off-putting to get back in touch with someone you haven’t seen for a while. But they are once your friends and who knows, your friendship might pick up from there.

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4. Reorganize Your Home


Reorganizing your home may be an unpleasant task at first but it will help to keep your focus from loneliness. A clean and organized home will give you a better and refreshing feeling and will make you want to invite visitors in your house. This will result to interacting with people more frequently.


5. Have a Pet


Pets are great companions. It’s like having a breathing “teddy bear”. But before having one, you should have a careful thinking of whether you could handle the responsibility of caring for one. Otherwise, you may end up stressed out if you won’t be able to attend to their demanding needs.


6. Be Positive


Poor self-esteem and negative self-talk can make your feelings worse and you distant from others. Positive thoughts and self-talk will empower you so live your life positively. Start with a sweet smile and tell yourself you are beautiful!


7. Pray


When the world seems to be against you, just pause for a while, be quiet, enjoy that stillness within you. Talk to God and burst your heart out to Him. If you don’t know what to tell Him, be quiet and just listen to what He tells you..


Loneliness can be a hard feeling to deal with without the help of the people closest to you. However, if your loneliness is a prolonged situation, it is not bad to seek for a professional help to understand better what you’re going through. You just have to reach out and you will be surprised that many are willing to help and be there for you. But remember that the first person to help you is yourself.


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