How To Deal With A Flirty Best Friend

Having a best friend is such a wonderful blessing anyone could have. You get to share your most treasured secrets, travel to places new to both of you, and just enjoy spending time together. Truly, having a best friend can spice up your life! But the opposite is what you’d feel if the best friend starts to flirt—with your boyfriend! In this situation, the best friend here is rather a pain in the ass. And you can’t agree more that it’s more irritating if she’s pretty hot! She takes advantage of her looks to get the attention of your boyfriend. It’s a touchy situation, for sure, with her “flirting with finesse” scene!

Flirty Best Friend

You can simply dump the best friend if she’s so insensitive to pursue flirting with your boyfriend. It is always a possibility, because, honestly, she doesn’t deserve that spot in your life if she disrespects you. After all, she acts as if the boyfriend is hers to flirt with. But, if you are convinced to not end the friendship yet, you could still try other ways given below to handle her and the situation.


  1. No beating around the bush, tell her straight (sitting down) that you’re not liking the way she acts flirting with your boyfriend. She may deny the accusation right away. But tell her that is how you or any normal person will perceive what she’s doing. Let her know how disrespectful of her to do that to you. Ask her how she would feel if you do the same thing shamelessly to her boyfriend. Get your point across that she seriously needs to stop the flirting.
  2. Another way is to copy her style by flirting with his boyfriend, too! Although, personally, I don’t agree with it. But you could     make her realize the feeling of how it is to have her boyfriend being hit on by somebody right in front of her. She definitely won’t like it and approach you about what you did. There you’ll have the chance to tell it to her face how she makes you feel by her       unsolicited sweetness to your boyfriend.
  3. Lastly, you may confront her right in front of your boyfriend and anyone else that may be around. It could be better right at the moment when she is flirting with him. If she’s obvious enough for you to notice it, for sure, others would have noticed it too. Her flirting may have even made other feel awkward about the situation. Your “witnesses” would undoubtedly understand why you’re calling her actions out in front of them.

None of the above is entirely foolproof, but they are better than just standing there doing nothing about it. After encountering many instances of her flirting with your boyfriend, most likely, it will be harder to pretend that you’re okay. It will be harder for you to trust her intentions. Thus, it will be easier to cut her out of your life. But before coming up with the decision, though, observe closely how your boyfriend responds to her attention. If he seems to enjoy and encourage it, then tell your would-be-ex-bestfriend to take him away with her. Drop them both and don’t look back.


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