Mistakes that Result To A Relationship Burnout

The beginning stage of a relationship is full of fun and excitement. Every time he messages you asking “Have you eaten?” or a simple “Good morning!” really makes your day. You can be alone and just find yourself smiling with the realization of how much you feel loved. You always look forward to seeing each other again with so much anticipation and excitement.

Relationship Burn Out

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All normal and healthy relationships have its highs and lows. When everything is smooth-sailing, both of you are happy and stress-free. But there will come a low point in your relationship, when one or both of you start to doubt your feelings for each other.


You may begin thinking: “this guy might not be the right one for me…” because the feelings aren’t the same anymore. Your partner may start to become distant and inattentive to you and you will get annoyed and wonder why he’s not the same sweet guy you met before.

Make Him Commit To You


Being burnt out is always possible to experience in a relationship because you are both or at least one is working to keep up the strong feelings for far too long. Or it could be because you are spending too much time with each other that you don’t get a time for yourself to wind down and enjoy the sense of anticipation to see each other again.


Most people could be guilty of this in the beginning of a relationship. They sometimes tend to disregard socializing with other friends. They give up their usual interests simply to splurge time with their new-found love. It is really fun at first, but when you start to miss out on other areas and opportunities in your life, disappointment and unhappiness are what you will feel.


Don’t expect other areas of your life to stop just because you are in love. And also don’t expect your partner to give up his set of friends or his hobbies or interests (unless they’re bad) just because he met you.


What You Should Do?


No normal person feels okay 100% all the time, even the most optimistic person you know. It’s draining. So when your partner is just quiet and seems to ignore you, don’t take it personally. He may just be having a bad day. Or it could be a signal for you to spend some time away from him. Do something fun for yourself and take pleasure in your “me-time.”


It will not only give you both the time to miss each other even for a short while, but you will be doing something you enjoy. It will surely be a fun topic to talk about when you do see each other again.


Begging for him to answer why he’s becoming distant at the moment is not good. It will most likely push him further away instead of pulling him closer. Each of us needs our “alone time” to refresh our thinking, feel better, and revived again. Give your partner the courtesy of a little time and space when they need it. You will be surprised that by doing so, you are actually pulling him closer to you.


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