Funny Tweets and Facebook Statuses About The Trending Jollibee Commercials

Jollibee made me cry, too!!! If you haven’t seen their commercials yet, see it here for yourself. Jollibee’s love-month commercials have really touched the hearts of many Filipinos. The #Jollibee hashtag has been trending because of its heart-wrenching 3-episode commercial entitled “Vow”, “Date”, and “Date”. And of course, the tears can’t hold the Pinoys from their funny and witty tweets and memes. See them below:

jollibee commercial reactions

Credits: Tanner Mata





Credits: Sabee Nananuc




Here are the Jollibee commercials and tell us which hit you the most!







Which do you like best and what wisdom did you learn? Let us know your thoughts! 🙂




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