10 Work From Home Jobs For Moms

Are you tired of heavy traffic and daily commuting? You may want to consider some of the work-from-home jobs we listed here. In this fast-paced world, we are very lucky to be welcomed to gates of opportunities to pursue our expertise even at home. Take a look at some of them.

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  1. Consultant

Being a consultant is a job that you can do at home with the technologies available today. If you have been an expert in some job or business that others are wanting to start but don’t know how to, you may offer your services as a consultant. Let us say, you are in the field of academe or has an experience operating a school, you may be a consultant to those who want to put up a school. Consultants are usually paid for their time or some are probono for some first few clients. Consultancy can be done via Skype or Messenger.


  1. Data Encoder or Data Entry Clerk

Many companies outsource the job of Data Encoding. As long as you have efficient skills in typing, you can work as a data encoder. Speed and accuracy in typing data are very important because a single mistake of typing an SSS number could be a huge problem to the client or company you will work for.


  1. Freelance Editors

As freelance editor, you can work from home for big companies or webmasters that need assistance in proofreading contents to put on their websites. This freelance editing job is very in-demand nowadays because many are looking for editors to proofread press release, e-books, sales letters or articles provided by their writers. According to Editorial Freelancers Association, a basic copy editing job pays about $40-50 with an estimated pace of  5-10 ms pgs/hr.


  1. Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are in great demand, especially nowadays that internet marketing is the new norm in the marketing industry. They are the ones who are responsible for the layout, attractive combination of colors and shapes and pictures in a website or advertisement. According to Miranda Marquit, a professional blogger, a normal rate per hour of a graphic designer is about $75 – $150. But you can also charge on a project basis.


  1. Website Developer

You can work at the comfort of your home (and in pajamas!) as a website developer. You will be surprised that you can earn more money doing it independently than being employed. If you have done websites in the past, you can put them in your portfolio as proof to show your would-be clients. Developing websites needs some advanced level skill, but once you get familiar with the tools and plugins to use, even a newbie can start building websites for others. If you don’t have a portfolio yet, you may, at first, volunteer to create website to some friends for a minimal fee or even for free until you collect enough samples of your work to build your portfolio. A website developer can charge a minimum of Php 30,000 or more depending on the number of pages in the website.



  1. Virtual Assistant

Many companies abroad outsource Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. And local entrepreneurs also hire a virtual assistant because they have no room for an assistant in their office or they are also working from home. Being a virtual assistant has many duties, and most of them are done at home. You may be expected to answer incoming calls, reply to emails or voice messages, do some typing job, research or manage the appointments of your client. You can earn ranging from $500 – $800 a month as a virtual assistant- source.



  1. Blogger

Working from home as a blogger can work in different ways. You can render blogging services to some companies that need to update their blogs daily or every other day. You can earn from $5 every 300-word post or even higher depending on your expertise. Most of the blogging moms preferred earning this way because you can expect a more frequent cashflow. Some companies also hire bloggers to post in the blogger’s site an article advertising their products. You can also maintain your own blog and earn from Google Adsense or affiliate links. Blogging for yourself though is a bit slow process. It has its cycle and you cannot expect to earn right away. But if you will be consistent in posting and giving value to your readers, you will eventually reap your hard work and make big money out of it.



  1. Tutors

Teaching tutors are in great demand nowadays whether online or in person. The basic requirement here is that you are knowledgeable in the subject field and you have a reliable computer with speakers and a microphone. Helping children and even adults in basic education can be a gratifying experience. It is also possible to work for a company or you may set up your own tutoring business.



  1. Research Assistant

A research assistant is another work you can do from home. If you know ways of searching the internet and finding information that majority of people cannot find, then doing this job would be perfect for you.



  1. Translator

If you know a language other than your native language, you may work from home as a translator. Ideally, you know English plus one or more language to be able to apply as a translator. Luckily, Filipinos already know Tagalog / Filipino and English, so we just need to add one more language to our bucket to learn. Some of the languages that usually require translating are Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, German, French to name a few.


There are so many ways to work from home and earn a decent income. The above jobs can even be a gateway to start building your own business and make big money. Always remember that almost all information that you need to know is only one click away. Stay hungry for knowledge and find ways to apply them. You won’t run out of work-from-home jobs to do!


How do you like the idea of working from home?


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