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“A new mom blogs her journey…,” isn’t it a great blog niche? It is.  And if I only knew blogging when I first had my child 13 years ago, I may be a super famous mom blogger by now.

Mom Blogs

But I know, when you’re a new mom, blogging, most likely, will be the last thing to cross your mind.

Why new moms won’t blog?

  • Caring for a baby is such a demanding task.

From changing the diapers to cleaning the nursery room, you sometimes can’t even go to the toilet to pee (alone). It’s like impossible for any new mom to blog with all the things you need to attend to.

Yet, there is a growing number of moms who are now happily exploring the blogosphere and sharing their exciting experiences of motherhood. There are many advantages blogging can do for new mothers. The spectrum of topics for new moms to blog about is so huge.

There are many reasons why blogging is really a great idea for new moms:

  1. It can be a way for you to relax

It can be your form of relaxation from your busy and erratic schedule of attending to your baby’s needs. Babies’ sleep patterns can be very inconsistent and it can leave you awake at odd hours of the night. In those times, you can either watch a television or occupy yourself by blogging and make a seemingly depressing situation a productive one.

2. Sense of belongingness

Another reason why those moms find blogging enjoyable is that it gives them the sense of belongingness in a community. Attending and caring for an infant can be very demanding that you can’t cope with having an active social life. Blogging, in this sense, gives you the opportunity to mingle virtually with moms in the blogosphere. By chatting and sharing with them through blogging all your experiences of being a mom, makes you overcome loneliness that new mothers are experiencing.

Naturally, blogging about your motherhood experience to your adorable baby is more about celebration of your journey than it is a task. It is a wonderful experience to see a new creature outside of your body and a part of your soul. And sharing the joy of motherhood to your readers and fellow mom bloggers is even sweeter.

A blog is a great medium to keep your friends and family updated about your baby’s milestones like her first words or first smile or the first time she crawls. And with new technology, it is much easier to document your baby’s growth through taking photos and videos and making those a part of your blog. In this way, you can give your distant relatives a chance to feel much more involved in your child’s life.

Are you ready to start your first blog? Let us know your thoughts by commenting down below!



Let us know your thoughts!

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